Digital Printing Media

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All digital printing needs of customers can be provided by innograph. Customers can choose the appropriate media to their needs. So Innograph have one stop solution for digital printing needs


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Standard Media

  • Adhesive sticker white. Usage for: wallpaper, mobile graphic, mounting on board, mounting on PVC, etc.
  • Flexible Banner. Usage for:  Roll Up, Banner Up, X Banner, Y Banner, Backdrop banner, etc.
  • Pop Up Media (Poly Banner), Snap Up, Pop Up, Pop Up Table, etc.


Special Media

  • See thru / One way vision sticker. Usage for mobile graphic, glass, etc.
  • Sticker Floor graphic. Usage for departement store, shopping mall, etc.
  • Sticker Transparancy. Usage for office glass, shop glass, etc.
  • Frosted / Sunblast sticker, usage for office glass, shop glass, ATM booth, etc
  • Canvass or Fabric cloth. Usage for wedding photo, etc.
  • Cutting Sticker.



  • Dove / Matte Laminated
  • Glossy Laminated
  • Floor Graphic Laminated