Graphic Design Services

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Graphic Design Services (GDS) is one of InnoGRAPH services that provide to customer. Work flow of GDS divided three parts.

1. Preparing a ready to print for Digital Printing

  • Checking file from customer
  • Layout the file into fit to display that used
  • Soft Proofing (email), optional
  • Color Proofing according to the media that used
  • If the color and layout Ok. GDS wiil be preparing a ready to print file and send to Printing production

2. Preparing Digital Poster Content

  • Checking file from customer
  • Layout the bitmap & video file into a Jpeg Slideshow Or Split Video
  • Copy the file into a Card and insert to Digital Poster

3. Preparing Custom Booth Design

  • Receive customer requirement
  • Concept & design by 3D software
  • Soft Proofing, Shape and Material (email)
  • If the design Ok, GDS wiil be preparing Cad Drawing file for Booth Production


  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe Flash
  4. Coreldraw
  5. Corel Video Studio
  6. Macromedia Freehand
  7. 3ds Max
  8. 3d Rhinoceros


  1. Computer for 3d & Computer Graphic
  2. Flatbed Scanner
  3. Pantone Formula Guide
  4. Pantone Color Cue